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Creativity and Healing

August 24th, 2013

Creativity and Healing

Creativity & Healing Work Together
by Bobbee Rickard

I have been sharing a series of blogs on 'creativity'. A word that I do not think we pay enough attention to, along with the act itself. Creativity for me is a direct 'connection' to our Higher Power.

It is an energetic connection that cannot really be described,Idea put in to human words or expression. The creative connection a spiritual process, the idea comes, it is impregnated with feeling and emotion and then the end result comes in to being and a miraculous piece of art or work comes forth. The experience of the artist, the writer, designer, the carpenter, the wood worker, the baker, all are tapped in to that creative source of all life. When I speak of creativity, I am not speaking of just art work, creativity is is used by everyone, no matter what the channel is it is just a way of life. Creative thinking and using it in a daily life is like the icing on the cake.

Creativity adds the spice to life. It takes the mundane experience, and adds beauty, style and a special touch added to it. Creativity is just the way one lives, it may be the way we layout our furniture, with a special look, or touch or design; it may be the way we prepare a meal, put together without much thought, or with some pizzazz and a special touch. Or it can be a fun way to drive home from work, taking more of the scenic route instead of the regular route.

Our creativity is unlimited by our imagination. There is no limit to what we can create, whether it is being innovative, artistic, creating something that we can enjoy, and/or so others can benefit from it as well. We live in a world where there are really NO limits, only the limits that we set on our selves. Having a need to take advantage of living surrounded by creativity is a personal choice. Some are happy without that extra touch, and others desire it, it makes life worth living. It enhances life is special ways.

I may like my home to be filled with color, design and art work on the walls and around me. Another may like there's more subtle and more of a Zen, simpler look and style. I have even begun to notice people's mailboxes. Some are plan and simple. Others have creative mailboxes with a personality of their own. It amazes me of how our personalities come through in our our homes, jobs, even our cars. Some have something that is just a vehicle, and someone else like something with lines, design, more style. Our creativity comes through in our mark on life. It is fun to observe, when we are aware of how our creativity, or lack of creativity, radiates throughout our life, and experience.

I love to have inspiration around me. I am inspired by art, by others and by my self as well. So to find a piece of photography by a dear friend on my wall is not unusual. Or a wall dedicated to our family with photographs of our loved ones is important to us. Artwork by a grandchild that graces a wall is also a special touch that not only adds to our day, it makes that grandchild feel so special, like their creative work is important to someone. Music playing radiating out throughout our home is also another creative touch that adds a great energy to our environment. I also enjoy having inspirational messages throughout my decor, nice reminders of what is really important in our life experience. I also design such messages as well. I will share my links to my creations at the end of this blog.

I love art in every form. I love to promote others in their work too. I find that uplifting. I want to inspire as many as possible to follow their dreams, to unlock the creative door to their mind and allow the creative flow to begin to move and unfold.Sunflower Once that begins to happen, it is like a tidal wave of creativity opening up. I find nights with so many ideas dancing in my head, that I may have to get up and write it all down, or just go start the creative process in the wee hours. It is invigorating to follow the creative guidance. I will share with you one of my creative manifestations, and a poem that came through regarding creativity.

(It is also available on my website: )

This poem is what it feels like to me when those wonderful ideas from spirit dance in your head and want you to find a way to bring them in to manifestation.

As I create, more comes to me to create. I love the world of art, and I seem to grow up in it in simple ways. It was just around me, so natural and subtle that I took so much of it for granted as a youngster. My father was able to sketch portraits and anything really at a very young age. A pencil was like magic for him and what he could create with it. I wish to this day I had some of those old sketches that he would like 'doodle' and now I know that it was art, it was creativity unchallenged. It just flowed from him. My grandmother and mother loved to do crafts and would make things from simple items; again something I took for granted, but today I see the creative surge that they consistantly used in everyday life. Making our homes nice, fixing a great dinner with a nicely set table, maybe with flowers on it, or colorful napkins or tablecloth. The simple touches of creativity that add color to our life experience.

I have become engrossed in allowing my creativity to unfold. I have two websites at the moment that I create for. It is easy to visit. Also, if you see something you like, or something that inspires you it can be ordered on the safe and secure site and shipped directly to you.

On the Fine Art America Website:
You can become a member for free. You can visit my website and the site of others. There is a lot of talent on this website of artists with many mediums. It is inspiring to see the talent. You can comment on work, vote is a help to the artist too as it helps to move them up in marketing on the internet; and you can shop; so it is a win win for everyone.

My second site is printed items with my designs, photography, art, from shirts, to bags, laptop covers, mugs; many with inspirational themes everything is designed by me: it is on and it is called: BobbeeJs online store; the linke is:

There is a wide range of items to choose from; if you become an Associate for free you can refer my site, and others sites on and you receive income back for referrals; also, you will receive messages on discounts ie 60%, 50% off certain items. It is a great site, and also shipped to you. These items are great for gifts too. Have it sent directly to the person on your gift list.

So whether it is Inspirational Messages, Landscapes, Classic Cars, Classic Car Art, Nevada, Wildlife, Kids Art and more. . . both of these sites have something for everyone!! I am happy to share them with you at this time, and each continually are added to, and are evolving each month. I appreciate your feedback too, as I learn more from others; if there is a design you would like to see, share that with me and we will see what can unfold.

So happy creating everyone. I hope that I have touched that creative button for you. And you begin to 'see' with new eyes, new perspective and vision. Triggering the creative wave is like turning the light on in a dark room, or adding ice cream to a slice of cake. . .its the best of all worlds, when we live in the world of creativity.

Visit my galleries: Inspirational Messages, Landscapes, Classic Cars, Classic Car Art, Nevada, Kids Art Work, Lake Tahoe, Florals and more.
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Creative Expression by Bobbee Rickard

August 11th, 2013

Visit my blog on for my series on Creativity, the Creative Process of the Artisitic Mind and more.

I will continue the blog series on creativity, that passion that moves us all forward to 'create'; and also include on Fine Arts America website as well. I love the world of creativity, the creative mind and the entire process that takes place. I will be sharing more in the next few weeks. Especially my love of Classic Cars after attending my 24th Hot August Nights this past week and all of the celebrations that have taken place for months.Having our 1049 Packard the past two HAN has added a whole new flair and experience to the event. This is a great event celebrating the era of the classic cars that have shaped history, and still bring a flow of emotion to us all who have experienced the memories and love of the era.

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Everywhere you look we see something that is a result of someones creativity. For me, creativity is what makes the world go round and makes it more interesting and inviting. Creativity comes from having an open and unlimited mind. Ideas are abundant. They run rampant through the cosmos. It is the awakened creative mind that latches on to an idea and follows through with it. How many times have you thought of something, and thought what a great idea it would be to create only to find later that it was created by someone . . .the only difference is, they acted on it.

I challenge the reader to take a day and be awake, and as you move through your day begin to 'notice' the things around you in your travels that came from someone taking an idea and acting on it. It could be a simple idea like a shape of a trash bin or something as amazing as technology that can reach around the globe. This is a very interesting time we are living in. Its important I feel to not take it all for granted and to pay attention to all of the wonderful possibilities around us.

I have been taking photos of classic cars for over 21 years now, much longer taking pictures of anything that peeked my interest. Later in life I find it so exhilarating to take my passion for the camera and my passion for classic cars and using it to create memories, and nostalgic reminders of times past by. I love to then combine that with my enthusiasm for art and mix it all together. I am challenging my creative side, awakening my artistic spirit to experience this in a new way in my life. I find it rewarding and fun. I also love my ability to create graphics, combine photography again with a medium that just seems to trigger another idea, and another. It is so exhilarating when we find that magic key that opens our creative door and all of the ideas, the visions of creating something new unfolds. It is as if that door has been shut or maybe only ajar with all of this creativity building up behind that door, and when you begin to open it, or re-open it comes forth in almost like what I like to call a creative explosion which knows no limits or boundaries. Creativity is healing, it is magical in so many ways and never stops showing me the possibilities.

I would like to share with you a link to some awesome photography of others, combined with my own: car prints

Also, my fine arts website: online store

Creativity Explosion

April 21st, 2013

Creativity Explosion

The Power Behind Creativity
by Bobbee Rickard

Creativity is just one step closer to that incredible 'connection' to the Life Force. Once we tap in to that deep, inner space we open a big door whereby Divine Intuition and Creativity come through with such force and strong frequency of Energy it cannot be stopped or slowed down. It's as though one idea, after another ignites another idea of creativity, like an atomic explosion of the creative processes. Tapping in to the creative process is like connecting with an unlimited source of a Divine Spark that ignites a fire of the soul that really cannot be explained simply. It is an experience like no other. It puts the deep inner Joy on high frequency. Each idea feels so powerful, so tremendous and the receiver is lifted up by receiving it, then when acted on it magnifies the experience to even greater heights. Some may think they are not creative, but creativity is more than art, more than painting a masterpiece, it is contained in the creative process that starts with the spark from within, an idea, a thought that has power within it. It is that idea that cannot be left alone unattended. It soars through the mind like an arrow from a bow moving so swiftly it cannot be ignored. It begs for the recipient to act on it, to discover the magic that resides within it. It feels like, once acted upon that it could have soared through the Universe with such force it could split atoms, or it could separate the ocean. Its magnitude is so powerful it awakens us from a deep sleep with ideas to enhance the original idea, or it prevents us from sleeping so that we can work on it and bring it into manifestation.

We are all lifted up by creativity, no matter what that means to each person, the process is different for each of us. But the process is one of a Divine Nature for all of us. It nurtures our soul, lifts our Spirit to a new level of experience. Whenever we experience this gift of the Spirit it moves us in new ways, in very personal ways that can only be experienced.

I challenge those to seek new ways of experiencing your creativity. To open this door, that does open inward in the consciousness of the individual, and then showers them with an influx of creative abundance that can only bring a smile to your face.

I have always loved to take pictures, even as a small child. I grew up in a creative family. My Father could draw portraits at age 5, he was an architect and had the gift of designing beautiful custom homes. He loved to paint, draw and always found creative ways of making something his own design, even if it was the mailbox in front of the house. He came from my grandmother who was always making crafty items, often turning something in to a work of art that most would have tossed out. My mother was the same way, always busy sewing projects, or a new craft project or redecorating a room, or creating a new recipe or learning some new endeavor. It was all ongoing and something I took for granted. And in recent years, as I reflect back in my own life I see this creativity bug expanding and making itself known to me in so many special and interesting ways. From loving and learning Calligraphy beginning at age 6 when my Dad sat me down at the kitchen table, to my interest in pictures, rocks, land & waterscapes, painting pictures and signage to digital art and even though Im older and a great grandmother that urge continues to move me, shift me to learn more, create more, do this, try this. It is really phenomenal.

So at this time I would like to invite you to my website: